Please Note: While PlatinumGames boasts a staff of talented individuals from all over the world, and welcomes applicants of any nationality, all communication in our Osaka office is primarily conducted in Japanese. It is strongly preferred that applicants have some degree of Japanese language ability. However, we will consider hiring highly experienced and skilled applicants who can communicate in English.
We welcome upcoming graduates and other inexperienced applicants to apply through our Japanese language New Graduate Recruitment page. Please note that Japanese ability is required for inexperienced applicants. Unfortunately we do not offer long-term internship positions.


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Game Designer

Game Development

Game Designer



Audio Creator

Game Development

Music Composer

Sound Designer

Producer / Project Manager

Game Development


Project Manager

Development Support

Game Development



Employment status

Unless otherwise noted, all positions are full-time, permanent staff positions following a 3-6 month probationary period.

Some of our employees are contracted; contracted employees receive the same compensation and benefits as permanent employees, and are eligible to be hired as permanent employees.
Salary Employees are paid an annual salary, with payments on a monthly basis.

Salary is determined based on employees’ level of experience and ability, rather than age.

Bonus Rather than an annual bonus, bonus payments are divided and paid along with employees’ regular monthly salary.
Allowances Employees receive a commuter allowance of 20,000 yen per month, included in their regular pay.
Employees relocating from within Japan but from over 150 kilometers away from our Osaka offices are eligible for a relocation subsidy of 300,000 yen, paid upon joining the company. Employees moving to Japan from outside the country are eligible for a relocation subsidy of 500,000 yen.
Employees with dependent children under 18 years of age are eligible for a subsidy of 5,000 yen per child per month.
Employees working beyond regular work hours, including late nights and/or weekends and holidays, are eligible for overtime compensation, determined by the amount and nature of their overtime work.
Performance Evaluation Employees are eligible for a pay increase evaluation once per fiscal year, in June.
Benefits Complete social insurance package (health insurance, pension, employment insurance, worker’s compensation)
Employee savings system (with interest)
Employee shareholder association
Free drink service (water and vending machines with a variety of tea, coffee and soft drinks)
Mental healthcare service
Free access to the Umeda Sky Building fitness gym
Please see our Work Environment page for more information
Work address 8F Tower West, Umeda Sky Building
1-1-30 Oyodonaka, Kita-ku, Osaka
531-6108, Japan
Work hours PlatinumGames uses a discretionary working system. Employees may determine their own working hours at their discretion, with a work day beginning at 9:30 AM and ending at 6:00 PM as a base.
Employees are expected to take at least one hour of break time during their work day.
Holidays Saturdays and Sundays, Japanese national holidays
Five days’ summer vacation
Year-end holidays
Annual paid leave (amount contingent on when the employee joins the company, with a maximum of 10 days for the first year)
Family/bereavement leave and other special leave
Research and Training Our employees are encouraged to actively participate in educational industry events such as CEDEC and GDC.


Q1Do you only accept applications during set hiring periods?


No; we are always accepting applications for the positions listed on this page unless specifically noted otherwise.

Q2Can you return submitted application materials?


Unfortunately, we cannot return your application materials or work samples. Please feel free to provide photocopies instead of originals of any essential or irreplaceable documents.

Q3If hired as a member of the PlatinumGames team, where will I be working?


You will be working at our Osaka, Japan head office. Unfortunately, we do not offer positions outside of Japan.

Q4What will determine my duties and position within my department if hired?


Your duties and position will be decided by the manager of your department, based on your ability level and skills, as well as the needs of our current projects.

Q5What positions do you offer outside of development?


In addition to game development, our staff also includes positions in PR, development support, general affairs, accounting and marketing. However, we are not hiring for these positions at this time.

Q6How long can I expect the selection process to take?


Initial screening typically takes about ten business days after we receive your application. We will notify you of the results of the screening by e-mail. Applicants who pass the initial screening will be invited to in-person or Skype interviews. Typically, we make final decisions within a month to a month and a half after the interview process.

Q7Is it possible to re-apply after an unsuccessful application?


Unfortunately, we do not accept repeat applications from unsuccessful programmer applicants within the same year; please apply again the following year. Artist, sound designer, composer, and game designer applicants are welcome to apply again the same year.

Q8I can’t attend an interview on a weekday. Could you schedule my interview for Saturday or Sunday?


We would be glad to accommodate you. Please let us know when you are available for an interview.

Q9I’ve been invited for an interview, but I don’t think I can afford transportation to Osaka.


Don’t worry – we will provide travel expenses for candidates traveling within Japan to attend interviews from more than 150 kilometers away from our Osaka office. Unfortunately, we are unable to cover travel expenses for applicants residing outside Japan. In these cases, interviews may be conducted over Skype.

Q10I’m willing to relocate from far away – can you offer me any support?


We are able to provide up to 300,000 yen, paid all at once, to assist with moving expenses for applicants relocating from over 150 kilometers away from our Osaka office. Please inquire for more information. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide dormitory or housing support.

Q11I cannot speak any Japanese. Can I still apply?


All business in our offices is conducted in Japanese, and all applicants are generally expected to have some degree of Japanese language ability. However, we are able to make exceptions for highly experienced and/or skilled applicants who are able to communicate in English. Please write the level of your Japanese and English ability on your resume.

Q12Can you support my application for a working visa?


We may be able to sponsor your application for a working visa. Please notify us of your needs if you will require visa sponsorship.

Q13As a foreign employee at PlatinumGames, will I be all alone?


Not at all! Approximately 15% (as of November 1, 2017) of our staff has joined us from countries across the globe, including India, China, South Korea, the United States, Spain, UK, Denmark, Singapore, Brazil and more.

Q14Are part-time or internship positions available?


Unfortunately, we only offer full-time positions. We have no plans to offer part-time positions or long-term internship positions now or in the future.

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